Back home…

I’m back…
After 4 month, 17 countries, 2 sets of tyres, some technical problems and about 28000 km I’m back in Hannover. It was a great, difficult and wonderful time. I’m glad I rode this with Max, Chris and Jonas. Having said that we will not ride together again on a trip like this because our style of riding doesn’t really fit together. Actually, I think I prefer to have just one other rider with me, so I can share those great moments you come across. And there are many on a trip like this.
It took us 2 months to get to the Mongolian border and only 3 weeks to get back to Germany. The ride through Russia was fast but also tedious because of the many miles we / I did every day. The scenery is beautiful, the people are great and it won’t be the last time I visit this country. For example, are The Road of Bones, Magadan and St. Petersburg still on my bucket list.
We rode through many countries and they were all great in their own way. The most beautiful I found to be Kirgizstan, the most exiting Tajikistan and the toughest by far Mongolia. Everybody tells you how tough Mongolia is and they’re right, even though you can have it easier than us because we took that cut from north to south Mongolia. A route that even a Mongolian man described as one of the most difficult routes in Mongolia. But we did it (with a lot of complaining on my side)!
On a trip like this you suddenly realize how little you actually need. I certainly have missed my friends but otherwise I’ve only missed the comfort of always being able to have a hot shower. All those other gadgets are unnecessary and just a waste of space and time. And I still managed to take too much stuff with me and could have saved a fair amount of space and weight (around the 10 kilos I think). But for the first time it wasn’t that bad (I already have a new packing list).
Something else I know now is that I will not write a blog again while travelling. Even though I enjoyed writing it it’s just too time consuming, unless you have much more time on your hands – say 5-10 years or so 😉 like Andy and Alyssa ( one of the great people we’ve met on the way.
But there were others too, like Frank a French man on a Royal Enfield and his friend Didier on his KLR, Christian a guy from Romania on his 850 GS or Kainbek the Ex-Police man from Kazakhstan who invited us in to his home. Unfortunately there so many others I can’t recall all their names. I just know that I will remember a lot of them for a very long time, if not even forever!

If you asked me what I would change if I did it again? Well not that much…
There are some countries I could have skipped to save time but otherwise the only and most important thing is time. I would take a lot more time and maybe more time!

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