Finding people to ride with (if that is what you want) – part one

Last year I posted in a few forums that I wanted to go to Mongolia but I never got a reply. Maybe it was the way I posted or just bad luck, who knows…

It’s quite difficult to find the right people to ride with and even if you find someone it’s not said that it’ll work out. Normally I wouldn’t ride such a long distance without really knowing somebody but at the same time you’ll never know who you will meet.
And if it doesn’t work out you can always carry on your own.
Also to consider is that you are more abrogable for others if you are alone. I guess you then less of a threat and, at least seem, more vulnerable.
But in a group you can help each other and not everybody has to carry everything.

Anyway, a work Colleague told me about  , there I found two posts from two guys who also want to go to Mongolia in June 2018.
We were 4, then 3 and now maybe 5 🙂

Basically, don’t give up and try various forums!

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