If you ever stay in a small Hotel ask them when they open again in the morning or don’t have your bags locked in a spare room. We wanted to leave at about 7 am but our Hotel Lady didn’t arrive until 08:30 am. So we lost 2 hour Grrrr

Anyway, it was a short and nice trip to Tiflis though the ride into Tiflis isn’t that pleasant. A lot of traffic and horning. Everybody just drives everywhere. It’s crazy! Shame I didn’t have my GoPro on my helmet.

After we checked in we went for a walk around town and didn’t come back till 7 pm. Roughly 6 hours in about 30 degrees heat, I think I’ve got my first sunburn this year 😀
The first two pictures are from a veiw point which yu can reach with a cable car.



Because we had a long day yesterday we got up a little later and had breakfast at 08:00 am. Normally we don’t have breakfast and just go.
Again too much to eat for us 🙂

We past a lot of small Villages and went up to 2025 meters. On our descend there were two young kids (girl and boy) who wanted to high five us while we were riding past them (a lot of kids seem to like this). I managed to high five them both and I could hear the girl squeak with excitement because we had done it. Just great!

A lot of time people will drive past you and horn to say high or wave.
We met some more Iranian guys who invited us to drink Chai with them. I can’t get over how friendly and helpful all the people are we meet. It’s a wonderful experience.
So DO NOT BELIEVE THE MEDIA – They’re full of shit!!!

At the end of the day we only did 202 Km of which about 50% were off-road. Then we got rained on incl. some lovely hailstones. We waited a while in a shelter by the “road” till the worst had gone by. Shame it drizzled the rest of the way.
Found a nice place to stay again with a very good Restaurant next door. Freshly homemade food – I think I might just eat my way through every country 😀

Fuck fuck fuck, I have somehow lost all my chargers, two batteries and some cables. I don’t know how or when it happened but I guess I have to go shopping tomorrow in Tiflis because otherwise there are no more pictures or videos.
Better now than in Mongolia I guess…

Our bikes were clean before, promise.

Georgia reminds a little of Scotland. This ist btw a main road to Tiflis…



Something went on and my lights (electricity) went out 🙂
The border procedure lasted about 1h. Some friendly man waved us to the front by saying “no wait, no wait” and pointed to the front. After checking out of Turkey (we didn’t get fined for using the motorway without paying) we got stopped by two very friendly Georgian border Policemen. They just checked our driver license and send us to the actual border crossing. If that damn Lorry hadn’t blocked our way we could have been through the border in under half an hour.

For Georgia we had to get insurance which you get at the bank 🙂
I walked in and got called back by a security Lady and a very grim looking security bull, oops I mend to write, guy.
She send me in the right direction and after getting some cash (the card reader wasn’t working) I payed 40 Lari (16€ or so) for 15 days and got two insurance papers.
What the place after the border looks and feels like is hard to describe. There’s a Casino with exotic Dancers and a lot of booths to change money. There is a constant coming and going.
There we met two Irian guys (if you read this please don’t feel insulted because I don’t remember your names, I’m terrible with names) who chatted for a while with us. The older guy even invited me to stay with him if I ever come to Iran. Which I want to travel to in about two years’ time.
There are a lot of Iranian people who visit Georgia…

Two more things to look out for now…potholes and cows. If Scotland is the paradise for Sheep (they always have the right of way) then Georgi is the one for cows (I know India too). They’re running freely on the road all by themselves and choose to cross the road just in front of you. Maybe that’s where the sentence “you stupid cow” comes from 😀
I almost hit one…

Because there aren’t a lot of places to stay at we had to ride until about 08:45 pm but managed at last to find a very nice private guesthouse to stay in.
They even served us (too much) food because we hadn’t eaten since breakfast.
They have Vineyards and make their own wine which Max really enjoyed 😀
I believe there are four generations living in this house.


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