Kazakhstan – West

Hey hey, Kazakhstan also got corrupt Policemen. A little fat prick took 25€ of us because we had stopped by the side of the road which wasn’t allowed. Everybody else stops were ever they want but if a tourist does it he can pay. Of course, again no report was written. Max had to give him 10000 Tenge (which is about 25€) with a handshake like from a bad movie…
Anyway we managed to find a nice place to stay, had some food and went for a walk. Except for that prick Policemen we had a nice day.
Shame that I got bitten about 20 times just on my feet and at the moment they have a slight resemblance with a Pizza 😀
One thing I forgot to mention is that quite often when we eat at a place they start to play European music from the 80’s and 90’s 🙂 It’s really sweet but I just don’t like Modern Talking 😀 😀
Tomorrow we should reach Uzbekistan were we will ride the Aral lake Memorial.

A short stop

Very straight roads


Because of our rather late bed time we got up at eight and tried to post a package to Germany. Unfortunately, the post office was closed because of some bank holiday.
Luckily the Lady from the Hotel is so nice to post it tomorrow for me.

The border crossing to Kazakhstan didn’t take too long. A very friendly border Policemen welcomed us, shock everybody’s hand and told us his name. So far, the friendliest!
Because we are in the Volga Delta there are flies everywhere and hundreds of them. All those anti fly sprays don’t work btw. What does help little is Vanilla extract which you can get at the Chemist.
The “road” after the border is in a terrible state. For the first 30 Km we had to swerve all over the place to miss at least the really big potholes. After an hour of driving it finally got better.
Since it was too far to the next bigger town we decided to camp. When we wanted to by some food we discovered that it was actually a little Restaurant. The lady cooked us some fresh local food and now we’re camping about 1000 meter away from the Caspian Sea. How cool is that?
Oh, did I mention we drove to KAZAKHSTAN!!! 😀

The road to our camp spot


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