Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

The last leg…
How many roads works can there be??? I counted 5, onl5 I can hear people say but they were rather long and put probably a good 2.5h on top of my travelling time. So, my day got even longer – I started about 07:30 and hit, after almost 1100km, Hannover around 20:15.
A boring ride but with sunshine and only some idiots on the road 🙂
So, this is it – I’ll write on last entry to this trip…


life happens while you’re making plans 🙂
I did manage to get through Latvia and Lithuania but only a short portion of Poland. The border crossing took me about 1,5 hours because they did not want to work but as always very friendly with it. After one check I asked where to go next and he pointed to the gate. So I went but only to get send back because I needed to go to the next booth and not the gate. A blond Russian Officer opened her door and while broadly smiling waved a fist in my direction 😀 She then did her stuff and I could get finally out of Russia.
до свидания Russia –  at least until next time and there will be a next time!
Who wants to ride with me the road of bones to Magadan?

The Latvian border staff made me open all my bags and then let me go rather quickly and since there are no controls anymore between the other countries I could just drive into Lithuania ad Poland. I like the Schengen Area!
At the border into Latvia I met a Latvian man and since he could speak a little German we talked while we waited for the border staff to get into gear. I also met a Russian/German man and his family while waiting for the Russian border staff to get going.
Which reminds me to mention all the cool road name from Russia. We drove on the
Trans-Siberian Highway, the Volga Highway, the Ural Highway and the Baltic Highway. I find those names have a cool and adventures ring to them.
No I’m in a ton called Etk where I found a nice hotel with secure parking for my bike and breakfast for only €34. This is the first hotel for days which actually offers breakfast.
If there are no more surprises like very long road works I should be home tomorrow evening around 22:00…
A good thing cause I’m on my last pair of clean underwear 😀


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