On the road again…

We lost an hour and didn’t realize 🙂
First thing in the morning we had to “repair” Max’s bike. His cooler had so much dirt in it that the bike overheated. After a good clean it seems to work fine now. Let’s hope none of us has any more problems!
Altogether we did only 408 Km because of the late start. We also didn’t do the Transfagarasan but we’re at the entrance.
Hooray, no Italian food today 😀
Some guys sitting at the next table are listening to Modern Talking. I thought torture was illegal according to the Geneva Convention 😀
We had short conversation in which he told me that he works in Graz for  Company that Arnold Schwarzenegger owns. The only pay him 8€ – shame on you Arni!
Later he offered me a woman to have sex with but I declined his generous offer.

Max, so far, manages really well to find good places for us to stay…

Drying our cloth


The day started okay but I always seem to forget todo something and only realize that when I’m already on the bike. Am I getting just old or what is wrong with me? 🙂
We went in one go through Slovakia and are now in Mako (Hungary) just before the border to Romania. So tomorrow we should go all the way through Romania. Looking really forward to the Transfagarasan.

Max managed to find a great little place where you rent your own Apartment with kitchen a separate bath for only 20 € per night. An older guy showed us everything and tried really hard to explain everything even though he doesn’t speak German or English.


We did 507 Km today and my butt hurts as if I dah done 1500. Highest temperature was 31.5 Degrees Celsius.
The Cheque Republic reminds me of Germany in the 1970’s. Nice! But the people… I know we only met about 10 but none of them smiled and they seemed in either a bad mood or just hating their jobs. We found an ok camp for the night.
The Sedlec Ossuary is a Church (east from Prag) full of bones. Kind of weird…

Good night Kitna Hora


Though I almost didn’t go because it took König Tours 2 month to get my Russian Visa.
But they were always friendly and helpful on the phone. Anyway, next time I think I go with Spoomer.
I’m wondering how long it will take to sink in what I’m about to tackle and where I am going. Though I did screamed a couple of times full of excitement in my helmet 😀


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