Prep work – part 1

To be better prepared for my trip I did some off-road training in Hechlingen (Enduro Park Hechlingen). The course was for beginners and lasted two days. It was great fun to play with those big BMW 1200 GS bikes and the instructors are just great, not just as riders but also from their personality side.
If someone would have said you can ride like this after this short course I wouldn’t have believed it.
Anybody, even if you’re not in to off-road riding, should do a course like that because it shows you what a bike and you are capable off after just two days. You learn a lot about handling and controlling the bike at slow speed, in tight spaces and lots more.

And I just found another off-road Park not too far from my Hometown 🙂

Here are some impressions…
(Many thanks to Ute who took all the pictures)



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