Prep work – part two

There are so many thing to think about when yu want to do long distance travelling. As as everybody will tell you the planing is the most important and difficult thing to do.

It can be quite overwhelming if you think about all the stuff you have to do before the big day.

I split everything in parts and those again in smaller tasks:

  1. Motorbike

    1. What bike?
      Most people will tell you to take a bike as light as possible and I think they’re right. Having said that a lot of people are taking their bigger bikes such as a 1200 GS/KTM 1290/1090/Africa Twin, the list goes on…
      I guess it all depends what kind of travelling you want to do or in other words how much off-road riding you have/want to do.
      I will, against those advises from other people, take my 1200 GS. Some parts a re going to be a lot nicer and some more difficult. But hey nothing is perfect anyway 🙂

    2. Luggage
      Soft or Hard luggage?
      Again it depends what you prefer. I normally use hard Panniers because they’re more secure but then I don’t go off-road with them. If you do off-road soft panniers might be they way to go because if you fall and they land on your food or leg you properly come away with just a bruise. With hard Panniers it could be more fatal.
      But again plenty of people ride with hard Panniers around the world.
      I decided to go with soft luggage from Mosk Moto for this trip. There are a lot of choices out there, some good some bad, some cheap some expensive. Enduristan is also a very good place to check out.

    3. Spare parts
      How much can you do on your bike? I don’t thinks it’s that important because somebody else can replace or repair your bike if you have the right parts with you.
      I’m taking brake pads front and back and two spark plugs.

    4. Tools
      Again it might be okay to take some so you have them with you.
      A tyre repair kit is a good idea and maybe you should know how to use it. Don’t forget a food pump 🙂

  2. Paperwork

    1. Second Passport
      In most cases it’s a good idea to take second Passport. In Germany you’ll need written letter why you need one. Here is mine → click

    2. Visa
      what countries do you need a Visa?
      In my case it’s Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Azerbaijan and Tajikistan you can do online like the ESTA for the States.
      I used (Spomer)

    3. Carnet the passage
      The ADAC in Germany has a page where you can see in which Countries it’s advisable and in which it’s a must have.
      The price depends on your bike but you will get, except a few, your money back.

    4. Information about all the countries

      • Do you have to register once you there?

      • Bank holidays

      • Border crossings

      • How’s the climate there?
        e.g. do you need to take more water for example.
        Since we’re riding through Uzbekistan in June and Kazakhstan/Mongolia in July/August we’ll need a lot of water. Always take more just in case you get stranded somewhere.

  3. Routing

    1. How detailed to want to plan?
      A rough route in your SatNav is enough – I think

    2. POIs
      Putt all the POIs in your SatNav if you take one. That way you can just choose one and get guided there.

  4. Packing

    1. What to take
      You can download my packing list here → click
      My list is a list of many lists and probably way to long. I don’t take everything on the list but…

      • Cloth
        Don’t take to much, you can always buy more on the road. Important is good riding gear. Especially base and mid layers.

      • Photo
        If you just doing Videos or you don’t want to take memorable photos you don’t need anything. And to be honest the mobiles these days have pretty good cameras.
        Still I’m taking my camera, some class and filters because some things you can’t do with mobiles yet.

      • Tent

      • Video
        I had quite a few moments when I couldn’t take a picture because of traffic or other conditions.
        Anyway a video can tell IMHO a story better then a picture unless your name is Anselm Adams 🙂

      • Laptop
        If you take a Camera of any kind you probably want to do backups and maybe even do some post work on those pics or videos.

      • Food/Cooking
        Do you need a cooker?
        I would normally take one but this time I’m not because I don’t need a coffee in the morning and it’s warm where I’m going. But I will take a plate, a knife, a spork, a cup, a cutting board and some salt/pepper.
        For emergencies I’m a little espit??? cooker from the army. They are small and light.

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