Russia – Altai Region and Novosibirsk

Now we’re 20 Km away from the Mongolian border. The roads to here were really nice except for a few road works. Just like in the last place we had stopped for some food there was no electricity. So, no running water which means also no shower. Great! Oh, and NO INTERNET ;(
Okay, we found a shop and met 3 Germans (Roland – Darmstadt, Jakob and Tina – Munich) who travel with 2 lorries. They’re going to Mongolia as well but do the travel the north Route. Roland is going on towards China. Jakob and Tina are going back through Russia home.
We had something to eat and after the electricity came back on we could even take a hot shower.
Now it’s relaxing, blogging and watching offline movies time 😉
Since the border has opening times from 09:00 – 16:00 we’ll have a late start tomorrow…

Altai Region

Altai Region

Altai Region

We started a little late because Max had some trouble (Steering bearings) with his bike again.
The ride towards Mongolia was fast and mostly straight forward. We stayed in a small town but I can’t remember the name of it 😀
Our hotel is owned by the Ex-wife from boss of the Restaurant/Hotel where we ate. The hotel boss and the barman where singing to way too loud music but the barman had actually a really good voice!
The Restaurant / Hotel also had a pool where an old Russian with his much younger Botox lipped girlfriend relaxed. She also tried to sing – well, I hope she doesn’t give up her daytime job. Whatever that might be…
Just before we found our hotel we (Chris and I) got our tyres changed at a small garage. Now we all have knobblies 🙂

These days are mainly full of maintenance. We changed the tyres on Max’s bike and left, rather late, for Barnaul. The garage where Chris and Max had worked in the last few days belong to Vladimir and Alexander. They call the place Remzona54, unfortunately they have no website. It took Max and me about 3h to get to Andrews place just outside of Barnaul where I picked up my tyres.
We met Chris, who left in the morning to Barnaul because he picked up and installed his new pannier system., in our “hotel” for the night.

Boy did I sleep well last night. This room is much quieter than the other one and the bed is much more comfortable too.
Max and Chris finished the important work on their bikes yesterday so today is just the oil changed left to do and maybe a new Chain-Kit for Max’s bike. I’m waiting for a message from BMW that my bike it ready and hopefully that Max’s Chain-Kit is there too. But in any case, we are leaving tomorrow towards Barnaul (again) where we’ll pick up our tyres and the new Rack-System for Chris. It would be great if Max could get his Chain-Kit today because then we could leave early in the morning a maybe go further then Barnaul cause from Barnaul it’s another 800 Km to the Mongolian border.
We all want to carry on cause that stop here was nice but also has wastes enough time of ours and as pretty the woman are we need to e strong and fulfill our mission. The mission to bring peace to the world… No hang on, that’s not it. Now I remember (got to stop watching those Hollywood Movies), we just want to ride to Mongolia and back 😀
Maybe not as heroic but at least doable 😉

Chris and Max are going to fix their bikes. Both of them need to replace the baring from the steering column. It’s probably going to take them all day and maybe some hours tomorrow.
Jonas is picking his bike up from the BMW Dealer and from their rides straight towards Ulaanbaatar. First he wanted to take the south route through Mongolia but when we talked about it last night we convinced him to go through Russia because it should be faster and he is coming back next year to Mongolia anyway.  So now we will not see him again, well at least until we all meet again in November in Germany.
And for me, well I just finished my Blog for Kazakhstan and repacked all my stuff.
Now I shall watch some videos from people who can rider better than me 😉
While looking for parts we went to FBR (For bike and rider – a great shop with knowledgeable staff and a friendly customer service. Through them Max and Chris got in contact with a private garage right under the shop itself. The guys were kind enough to let them use their garage and tools.

Remzona54 -Vladimir and Alexander

A lazy (rainy) day…
Yesterday evening I got a message from Vasily saying that the mechanic knows about the throttle/engine problem and so I’m confident that thy can fix it. It’s a real shame though that this problem is common enough that the mechanic knows it.
For me it’s good that it’s a common problem so it can, hopefully, easily being fixed but in any other aspect it’s atrocious and really dangerous!
Anyhow, it has been raining almost all night and still is. So our day is going to be really lazy one 😉
For the last few time when we stayed in a hotel I seemed to get rather often the small ugly rooms and so I decided today to ask for a bigger one. The reason for this is that I want to get away from the people next door and I want to repack all my language. Maybe I’ll send a package home to save some more space…
The girl at the reception told me that she would ring me when I could get another room. When she did I went down and there she told me that I have to wait until 7 pm. WTF? Why did I have to come down in the first place? Well, as long as she is pretty 😀
Jonas’s bike won’t be ready until Monday which gives him now even less time to reach Ulaanbaatar. Maybe he’ll leave his bike somewhere else instead!?
Normally we could walk around Novosibirsk all day but it started to rain in the night and hasn’t stopped since. According to the weather forecast it’s going to be like that until we leave on Wednesday.

After a short night and an according to the menu an English breakfast (I didn’t think you could fuck it up but they manged) we brought my bike to BMW. Vasily, my contact at BMW Novosibirsk, was nice but to me he seemed not quite to be on the task. Not sure why…
Anyway thy are going to service my bike, put new fork seals in and try to fix the problem with the jerky throttle and the sudden engine dying. Keep your fingers crossed!
We also got some spare parts for Chris and Max so they can repair their bikes.
Jonas joint us again because his bike is at the BMW Dealer as well. If he is in lick his bike is ready this afternoon and he can carry on to Mongolia.
We walked a bit around in Novosibirsk and the town is quite nice. We hadn’t expected that. To be honest I’m not sure what we had expected but not such a nice town. I can tell you what we had expected – a lot of beautiful women. And boy are there a lot of them around!
In the evening we went to a Korea Restaurant and there we got to watch North Korea TV. A celebration of the political group which has existed now for 70 years. When the girls there realized that we were German they turned German subtitles on. At first it was quite funny how the commentator spoke and what was said according to the German subtitles but when you think about it, it’s not funny at all because it sounds just like the shit that was put on German TV in the 1940’s (can you guess who I’m talking about?).

What a day…
We wanted to start early but overslept because we had lost another hour and hadn’t noticed.
The ride to Barnaul was okay but the car and lorry drivers are just crazy. At least the road was good 🙂
In Barnaul we payed for the ordered tyres from and Max took his with him so they can be fixed in Novosibirsk on his bike. Chris’s and my new tyres are staying with Andrew in Barnaul. On the way to Mongolia we’re going to collect them.
This paying and collecting took us three hours 🙁
The rest of our drive to Novosibirsk was okay and accompanied with rain. Around 19:42 pm we reached our hotel.

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