Today we had a frosty and foggy start with only 10 degrees Celsius. At about 1300m above sea level it was expected to be a little cooler but I hadn’t expected that. Luckily about an hour later it got warmer again but even at 24 degrees Celsius it felt a little cool.

effing foggy

There’s a lot less traffic now on the roads which is really nice.
I still can’t get over it that everybody is ignoring the speed limits. Even in a town (still three lane Motorway) nobody is slowing down to 50Km/h, well maybe to 80Km/h but that’s ist. I’m not sure how anybody shoot walk across the road without getting hit but somehow, they manage it…
What is kind of weird is that you almost only see men around. In bigger towns like Samsun you’ll see just as many women as men but outside those Towns/Cities it’s like they almost don’t exist.
What we do see a lot of are stray dogs, one cuter then the other.


After 494Km we stopped in Ünye and found a nice place to stay.

We had just goten of our bike when we heard a German voice asking us where we are from. A Turkish guy, lives and works in Germany for over 40 years by now, is visiting his friends. Sadly, he lost his right leg while riding his motorbike just after starting to ride it. So, whenever he sees bikers he stops for a chat and takes their picture.

Tomorrow we should be in Georgia where the first off-road section (300Km) is starting…


It’s wonderful waking up the sound of the Ocean. Shame we can’t stay a little longer. Today we tried to find out how much we have to pay for the Motorway usage but failed. The only thing we know now for sure is that we have 15 days to pay. Tomorrow we try to buy a HGS card at another Petrol Station.
Just before Istanbul Max realized that he had still the Hotel keys with him. So we rode the 54Km back to the Hotel because we’re nice 🙂
They hadn’t even noticed 😀
But because of this little detour we didn’t get as far as we wanted but still 485 Km.
For some reason the traffic really annoyed me today and I wasn’t in the best of moods. Having said that there’s a lot of traffic around Istanbul and a lot of maniac drivers in their fast cars. At one of our breaks I saw a very handsome Rottweiler and went over for a stroke. Lovely natured and gentle dog.
Since Max didn’t want to go any further we had an early stop around 4:00 pm not too far away from a ton called Gerede.
Our Hotel for tonight is right by the Motorway, I hope the traffic will quiet down for the night. For two rooms we paid 200TL.
The scenery changed and so did the temperatures from 28 down to 21 degrees Celsius. Quite crisp at the end of the day.


After 475 Km and 10h in 33 Celsius we’re in Turkey. The border crossing was okay, only took about 45 min. Okay the day started with 15 Celsius but did get warm pretty quick.
But before that we had to drive through a fair bit of Bulgaria. Max found accidently a great Mountain road with some great corners up to 1285 meters. At the top of this Pass we found this Monument.

We only driven 5 days and we’re just about 30 Km away from Istanbul. Unfortunately, we will not have the time to visit this great City because we’re only passing through Turkey this time.
As a little treat we’re staying in a Hotel with a rather nice view…

We found a nice little place for something to eat. Not much to choose from but homemade and very LECKER 😀

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